Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ECO II Resources...

I will try to add more links about ECO when i found them, but, this compilation should be enough to have anyone moving forward on the "lovely" world of ECO.

Borland's Web Page
Borland's Developer Network: Make things fast with ECO II (video)
Borland's Developer Network: Create an ECO Space from an existing Database.
Borland's ECO Wikki

Third parties:
Creating a Blog with ECO.
How to do Things: ECO.
(The entire HowToDo site is built with ECO)

ECO related Blogs:
Malcom Groves
Jonas Hogstrom (Borland)
Jesper Hogtrom (Borland)
(i will suspect they are brothers eh?)
Peter Morris


If you find more, please add comments with their URLs , so other people can use them.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ECO II Conference - How was it?

Well, people, there are things that you heard about, but you dont buy it, or you may believe it but you dont think they can be that good, UNTIL the moment you see it.

Well, ECO II is that. The next great thing in Rapid Application Development, in a matter of minutes with a few clicks we had a nice small application with database, GUI, Business logic, etc running without writing a single line of code. Nope, not even 1.

If you know how to do boxes and lines (UML design), thats it! you are on it. It really makes you think of all what you have done all these years :(.

I mean it, it is AWESOME, if you have not seen it go here and get an idea of it. IT'S WORTH IT!

The conference was great, John gave a good overview of D2005. We got a small taste of Dexter (D2006), the compact framework and finally some nice refactoring to keep us happy.

Two lucky participants got D2005 to take home courtesy of Borland Canada. I got a marker :)

Finally, let me thank the Toronto Delphi Users Group, you guys are doing a fantastic job, thank you John for bring up all the goodies and keep us smiling with Delphi and Thank you Borland Canada to support us.