Saturday, February 26, 2005

Moving time...

Gosh, i hate moving... its one of those things that you are forced to do and you hate it, but simply you have to do it.

This is the 9th time in my life that im moving, i know it sounds like a bad record, but usually its an upgrade. This time, its basically same apartment size, same facilities, same everything, simply a better deal on the long term.

I spent lots on furniture, mostly from this place IKEA. Amazing place, specially the AS-IS section, if you have the chance to go, visit it. European furniture with low prices and great quality if you know how to pick.

Some of the secrets behind the low price is that you need to assemble the furniture yourself. The packing and instructions are great, so, its just a matter of patience and a good back and you will do fine.

Tomorrow is my last day on my current apartment, i lived here for two years, it gave me amazing memories, but now its time to move on. Lets get ready for what is coming on the next one.

Talk to you soon people.

Monday, February 14, 2005


There are thingspersonal and professional that change your life.

I must admit that Delphi changed my professional life. Programming never resulted more fun than it is thanks to it.

Thanks Borland, thanks Delphi. 10 years of joy!!

Thanks Anders Hjelsberg, Gary Whizin, and Zack Urlocker for the initial push, and now thank you to all the people that is still on board, old and new guys that keep this amazing thing going on.

Danny, Allen, everybody there... thanks. Keep the good work.

as someone says "Go Delphi Go!"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

SQL Day...

Well, right now im trying to finish an Archiving application for our ever growing customers databases.

I spent hours and hours on the Query Analyzer and the Enterprise Manager, and finally i think i got it all done. Now im trying to add some reports to it, but, it seems that my good Rave is giving me problems. A "Duplicate License" on the system, i think it maybe caused due to the fact that Rave comes with Delphi, but also we bought the license version of it.

I will confirm that later, but so far, the app looks great. Another step further to more professional applications.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Simply OMG!! The most amazing animal you can imagine!!

Well, i dont think communication should be an issue for mankind if this guy can do it, so do we right?

The Amazing Parrot

Nice review!

Hey, my friend Roberto mentioned something very simple and fairly straight smart.

There is some people out there that actually are not that informed about what's new on Delphi 2005. So:

This is a good review to read.

Hey, dont like long movies... get a quick 30 seconds recap of it. :)

LOL, extremly funny, love those bunnies.

Watch Titanic, Alien, etc. in 30 seconds!