Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tiburón swimming in Lake Ontario.

For the first time, a Tiburón was found last night swimming around the North York Public Library and people is wondering if they are coming out from Lake Ontario.

But, such a thing seems to be untrue. All points out that our visitor came from Silicon Valley.

Yup!, we had the pleasure to listen to no other than legend CodeGear developer David Intersimone and Anders Ohlsson (geesh, hope i got his lastname right). They gave us a good talk about CodeGear, Embarcadero and tour of Tiburón, called now officialy "Delphi 2009".

The highly expected Unicode support is everywhere and it seems that the guys put lots of effort on achieving a high degree of backwards compatibility, which is as usual, a fantastic tradition that thankfully Delphi has never lost.

Lots of new classes to help us on this transition, some new enhancements to the VCL (some cool new components there) which you probably already saw on all the blog posts that CodeGear is generating now.

BUT, now lets talk about those hidden gems that we could see while they were demoing stuff, for example, a new little category to the component tool palette, something called "Ribbon Components", yup, they didn't mention it, they didn't demo them, but it was there. So, no NDA violation here, nor there, merely healthy speculation.

Also I noticed two more categories, and I am extremely happy about them, because it means that we are finally getting some love on the middle tier area. It seems to be part of the announced improvements to DataSnap, a "Data Snap Client" and "Data Snap Server" categories, instead of the typical single "DataSnap" group. What is in there, no idea, but hey, i like the hint.

Anyway, it was a great time, a great experience, Delphi is getting better. The guys seemed to be pump about the future, and so are we.

Oh, and did I mention that we are hiring? :)