Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Linux and Oracle.... NOW I really love Delphi.

Well, these days I had to deploy one of our company projects in Linux and Oracle (Just in case, it is not built on Kylix).

The plan was to install Red Hat 4 ES and Windows 2003 server on two different VMWare machines running on my Windows XP computer all linked in a nice virtual network.

It has being a while since I play with Linux, last time I did I used the Mandrake Linux distribution more than 5 years ago, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. But I assume that more than five years later, I will have the closest thing to Windows I can imagine on the penguin environment.

Gosh I was totally wrong. My mission was basically to prove that we can have a full product installation using ONLY the GUI (Gnome /X-Windows), you guys must understand that giving this kind of statement on a fully Java/Sun/Solaris environment is the closest thing to a blasphemy only overcome by the use of Microsoft / Windows related products on our environment (which I'm doing by introducing Delphi :))

Anyway, as a summary of my experience:

* Red Hat 4 installer is great, it was the closest thing to the famous "Next, Next Finish" we are so used to in Windows.
* Soon or later you will have to use the command line.
* Gnome desktop is still far behind Windows.
* Linux guys like to build a mist of mystery on their products. All the things I did in order to install Oracle on Linux can be done on the GUI, *if* someone puts a bit of time on finishing the GUI and adding some of the tricks that can be done only through the command line. (permissions is an example).
* Oracle installer should ask for the root user/pass and do all the required installs without having to stop and ask the user to manually go, change user and run scripts to be able to finish the installation.
* Linux REALLY needs some good RAD environments. (Did I said Kylix?)
* Copy/Paste is a pain, some applications will not recognize the copied items from other apps.
* WARNING!! The File Browser doesn't recognize the files with names .something. This caused me a bunch of issues cause Oracle installers used lots of files with that kind of names. (e.g. .extract_args.
* I ended up copying the files using the command line. If you ask me, that is SAD. (Yes I did enable to view all file types and hidden files, didn't work)

Well, I can keep typing but it is enough, Linux is cool, but gosh, once you work with Windows and Delphi you realized how nice and green are the lands on this side of the computer world.

I can't believe people still pushes for terminals and command prompts, I mean think about it, movies, TV series, internet, everything shows the new generation of developers (kids) that it has to be graphical, kind of "Minority Report" feeling.

Terminals look cool, for all of you hacker lovers, but, it is the 2000's, that is a no no, now days.

Cya all.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Windows Vista will not use .Net

After all, .Net is taking some time to lift off. The following articles extracted from a good discussion on the borland newsgroups show us how the new Windows operative system ended up not relying on the .Net framework.


and ...this other ones covering the API and GUI.


Personally, I'm more interested on future native Win64 support. If Intraweb is able to catch up and improve its performance (which they did in version 8), then i will not have any other use for .Net (which i think is only useful for web apps for us Delphi developers) in the short term.