Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Microsoft feeling the pressure?

I don't hate MS, i really dont. But i support any other software company that gives a different flavor of what we already get from MS.

I love google, and they are doing great against msn search. I love Borland, and they have their ups and downs, but they havent let me down with Delphi. The last example on this, is Linux adoption by goverments.

I found this interesting article about the topic. Enjoy.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Negotiating a contract...

The first time i had a contract job, my contractor practially abused me. :P

Long nights, lots of work. Low money.

After that point, i get sharper when the time for negotiation comes. One guy in the Borland forums post a nice article that talks about the matter, and give TIPs on how to deal with this situations.

I wished i read that before. :P

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Necessity in Software Design.

I found this very interesting post about what drive us to make decisions.

A the end of the post they applied it to Software design, i like specially the phrase "they have specific goals and will do only the absolute minimum necessary to achieve those goals" when talking about the users behaviour while making a decision.

Sometimes we try to provide all the possible options, and we design with this concept in mind, thinking that it will make our software more complete, at the end, offering all those options waste our development time and they may never be used.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We are moving up!!

Based on this ranking Delphi is going up in popularity, usually its ranked in 10th and 9th, but in the last months is going up.

I think it's time for those abandom Classic VB to move to Delphi where backwards compatibility matters!!.

Oh thinking about that, i found this interesting guide about migrating Visual Source Safe projects to StarTeam. A good option if you get the Architect / Enterprise version of Delphi that includes a StarTeam license.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Games made in Delphi. COOL STUFF!!

Age of Wonders is made in Delphi.

Want more?, take a look at the finalist from the Delphi Developers Gaming community competition this year.

Click here and start playing

ASP.Net security conference in the TDUG group

Hi people,

Yesterday i went to the TDUG (Toronto Delphi Users Group) meeting, we were initially expecting the visit of John Kaster but, due to out of control personal reasons, he couldn't attend and we had the "just on time" assistance of Michael Li (Management Consultant from Infocan)

Michael gave us an interesting conference about security, running off course on lovely Delphi 2005. Most of the issues brought up were already known by many, but, it was always interesting to see how all the people (me included) did a mental check of their own projects to see if we were commiting one of the security flaws that Michael was explaining to us. Usually, a simple smile, or a gesture let the rest know the insides of a typical problem in our code (some people just said, 'oh f@ck! i do that).

Anyway it was interesting, the additional info about Michael's scuba shark experiences were also great (supported by video). Finally, Borland Canada was also kind enough to give away a Borland Delphi 2005 architecht version and some cool tshirts. (i do like the tshirts, i love going with those "become a development super hero, use Delphi 2005" to some MS events, really i do :) ).

But hey! now i have a cool blue desk clock courtesy of Borland which i already have on top of my monitor. :D

Thank you guys! good stuff.

And keep up the good work TDUG group.!!