Saturday, February 26, 2005

Moving time...

Gosh, i hate moving... its one of those things that you are forced to do and you hate it, but simply you have to do it.

This is the 9th time in my life that im moving, i know it sounds like a bad record, but usually its an upgrade. This time, its basically same apartment size, same facilities, same everything, simply a better deal on the long term.

I spent lots on furniture, mostly from this place IKEA. Amazing place, specially the AS-IS section, if you have the chance to go, visit it. European furniture with low prices and great quality if you know how to pick.

Some of the secrets behind the low price is that you need to assemble the furniture yourself. The packing and instructions are great, so, its just a matter of patience and a good back and you will do fine.

Tomorrow is my last day on my current apartment, i lived here for two years, it gave me amazing memories, but now its time to move on. Lets get ready for what is coming on the next one.

Talk to you soon people.

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Pocky said...

wii..hice un blog solo para pner comments en el tuyo XDDDDD

Smmmuack hermanito XD