Monday, March 21, 2005

Development methodologies... Agile Development

Well, i'm a hard core developer, but lately, im getting more and more interested on how to enhance and improve the software development process (ALM, SDO anyone?).

I found a good piece of web literature that you guys may want to read whenever you have some time available, its about Agile Development.

Here is the piece.



Pocky said...

eeemm...muy interesante,,aja...sip...lo entendi todo .....X_XUUUU

XP no entenfi ni pio XD jeje..pero igual..smmmuaack hermanito lindo TQM!!!

Bruno Duarte said...

estos m├ętodos agiles, como el XP y lo que dice el manifiesto agil, puede ser implementado en delphi?