Friday, September 02, 2005

DevExpress and KbmMW ... My new toys.


Well, i finally picked a Grid for my new project, the favorite after a big response from the borland forum was Dev Express Quantum Grid 5. My comments so far: amazing drag and drop grouping of columns.

On the other side, i'm trying to install, and learn my new KbmMW Enteprise multi-tier framework, so far i'm having problems trying to install it under Delphi 7, it seems to be reconigzing a different version of the Indy components (9 instead of 10). The memory table is working properly, so at least i have one right.

I will keep you posted of my progress with this new powerful toys.

Cya all.

Pst. Allen Bauer post another unofficial patch for Delphi 2005. It is already installed on my computer and it seems to help a lot. Thanks Delphi team, in you guys we trust.

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Kim Madsen said...


Fell over this blog post while looking around on the internet.

Open, and make sure the following definition is in place (if you are using Indy 10).

best regards
Kim Madsen