Saturday, April 15, 2006

Latest news: New Delphi "DevCo" maybe announced on May 8.

Well, all this is based on news reported on one of the best Spanish language Delphi forum, Club Delphi , a well known spanish blogger and one of the main Borland Software distributors in Europe Danysoft.

It seems that on May 8th, in a conference in Spain, the new company will be announced. The article mentions that the new company will be based in Europe.

The article also mentions that is likely that the new "DevCo" will not be part of a well known buyer but a new and independent company.

The existence of a strong Delphi Market in Europe and also the good and strong anti-monopoly software rules plus protectionist from the European Union will be a plus to help "DevCo" in its way to the top.

Now, is this true? no idea, but May 8th is not that far ago, so i think we can wait a bit and find out.

Delphi Rox!

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Anonymous said...

Laughably wrong !