Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Delphi News!!

Wow the information is in pieces everywhere.. check the following segments of "information" said by Michael Swindell (Delphi VP - CodeGear) that appeared on the borland newgroups:

c) Delphi Product line - we are realigning development plans and approaches
to focus on the individual native code Win32 editions (Pro/Ent) of the
products first, then fold them into an updated Studio that will include the
.NET updates. Architect and Turbo's would fall out of the Studio releases.
The Turbo's eds will become more lightweight in the process as well. The
majority of Delphi (and C++Builder) developers are focused on native code
development - so we are aligning our releases and timeframes accordingly.
Moving everything into monolithic Studio releases had some positive effects
but also some drawbacks that came thru in customer feedback. Having to wait
for the "all personalities" was not ideal for C++ and Delphi native
developers, who had either no or minimal interest or need for .NET. It
spread attention more thinly across the products, so we are changing the
approach so that during the year Delphi native developers have focused
specific attention in a product release, same with C++ developers, and .NET
developers. This approach actually worked quite well in past lives with
Delphi and C++Builder - although the complaint years ago from C++Builder
developers was that they had to wait 6mo to a year for the latest Delphi
features... which is something that we aim not to fall into. "

Then in addtion pay attention to the new "ALL DELPHI" intention with the new pricing model and SKU's:

Turbo Delphi Explorer -> Turbo Delphi "better" -> Delphi Pro -> Delphi Ent

same as above for C++

then Studio Pro/Ent/Arch incl both C++ and Delphi and .NET and Win32

Turbo Pro New and Delphi Pro Upgrades similar price level. So it will be
recommended in order to keep the feature level go to Delphi Pro as the
upgrade. This is a tuning of the editions. We released the Turbos with the
intention that we would see what worked and what didn't and make some
changes in 2007 to improve.

> How is this going to be handled?
> Or is the "lightweight" reference to reduced resource demands rather
> than reduced features?

lighter weight - in features and resource and download image

in general we have 12yrs of sku's editions pricing for Win32, .NET, Pascal,
C++, Linux, and more to work out the best "model" that cleans things up, and
focuses our energy (development, packaging, and marketing) on the things
that are most important to existing customers and enables us to put Delphi
into more developers hands than ever. So there will be some things that we
do that will seem like we're undoing something we've done or said
previously, or changing a position on something previously stated or
published. Some things will probably seem crazy or sacrilege, but we plan to
grow Delphi, and to do that requires a little bit of house cleaning and
tuning. We'll probably make a few mistakes in the process, but the goal is
long term. Delphi and C++Builder have helped millions of developers, we
think the Delphi way of developing can benefit millions more developers -
and we want to bring the Delphi ideas and approach to everyone we can. The
CodeGear difference is that we're going to take some risks and try new
things, but we won't be doing it at the expense of our customers. "

It is expected a Delphi release by the end of March maximum!.

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