Friday, March 23, 2007

The Phone interview process...


One of the different roles that job after job I've done is interviewing new candidates for my team.

I'm very comfortable with the one-on-one, mano a mano model of interviewing, but most recently I'm dealing with a new cool variant of it, the phone screening, why is it new? well, usually that kind of process is managed by the HR people, but now days, based on the offer/demand sometimes is healthy to screen a guy before he even puts a foot out of his home.

Oh God, yes, distortion on the communication line, language barriers, unable to read body language, unable to picture your world into mine, unable to cross that border of understanding and agreement, indeed, it is a bit more difficult than my original play field.

I know that practice will make the difference for me, but also, I was lucky enough to get this link from a co-worker that it is going through the same process.

READ IT! if your duties involved phone screening, it may help you to understand the situation and save you from the confusion we noobs need to go through at the beginning.

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