Sunday, May 06, 2007

A great option for middletier development!

For all those developers that are looking for another option to the mighty DataSnap, now there is a great opportunity to develop reliable and scalable middletier solutions for the same price.

Components4Developers is offering their popular middletier software for free. What is the deal?

Simple, register and download. TurboMiddletier is a full version of their enterprise middletier software KbmMW (a couple of transport protocols and channels are removed but nothing major), it only supports the latest Delphi version, so, if you have Delphi 2007 go and get it now!!

I personally use Data Snap, RemObjects and KbmMW in our projects and can only say good things about them. I do admit that KbmMW is a more mature framework with lots more functionality, but on RemObjects SDK favor, they offer a great DataSnap integration pack that help companies using DataSnap to migrate to their SDK.

Whatever you pick, you will be on good hands, in the meanwhile go and get that!

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