Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CodeGear drops C# Builder.

I was listening to one of the weekly community podcasts from CodeGear, and one of the topics that was mentioned was the announcement of C# Builder being dropped from the CodeGear Developer Studio 2007, to be released later this year.

Winforms seems to be a no no too. It seems they will be putting all their efforts on Delphi and C++ and Delphi.Net using the VCL.Net. They will convert their existing support for C# Builder to the same level of the VB personality, which means edit, syntax highlight, compile, and basic
debug functionality.

It looks like we will have the possibility to use any existing C# component and add it to your Delphi.Net project with no problem.

For people using ECO with Winforms, they will be ways to move into the direction of VCL.Net, which will be fully supported by ECO on the coming Delphi.Net release.

I certainly agree with their moves, there is no point on supporting a language that they cant controlled. They can use the .Net framework or the Win32/Win64 native APIs, but just like they did with Win32 by building the impressive VCL on top of it, expanding the VCL to support .net will also forced the VCL under native APIs to be extended to new cool functionalities.

Lots of news around CodeGear, which just reasures my thoughts towards the fact that these guys are doing the best they can to have things going the proper way.

Oh final comment, initially it was mentioned that Generics will be only supported from a consumption level, that seems not to be the case, production of Generics will be there too. But, only for .Net initially.


Mohammed Nasman said...

VCL.Net will live if they make it real cross platform (Win32/.Net/Linux)

otherwise, no one will care to use it for .Net application

Esteban Pacheco said...

I can tell that at least the cross platform between Win32/.Net will be there shortly.

Cross platform with Linux, it will take some time but I'm aware of CodeGear's plans toward building cross compiling solutions for other OS.