Thursday, August 02, 2007

RemObjects and DataSnap.

I'm using a mix of Delphi's RemObjects SDK and DataSnap on our middletier, and we have implemented session management on all the services and in all the DataSnap remote modules.

Thanks to RO, that can be easily done on the DataSnap modules by turning on the RequiresSession property of the RODataSnapModule. Now the only problem with this is during design time, once it is on you will not be allowed to connect to your DataSnap datasetproviders without first logging in. So, as you can read that is a problem.

The solution? We added a command line parameter to our application server that simply controls if we want to require a session or not in our services or datamodules. Once that flag is set, we just use it as an indication while we are creating the service/datamodule.

Soon, I will post the results of a LETHAL combination, KbmMW, RO and DataSnap in a single SUPER POWERFUL MIDDLETIER MILKSHAKE.


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maxi said...

Very interesting.
I add "session"suport in my datasnap server but a primite way.
I'am expectacting to watch a little your research.

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