Monday, April 21, 2008

EVERY DAY TIPS: Manually deleting a windows service

There I was playing with setting up subversion server running as a Windows Service until I made a tragic mistake and I get to the point of needing to remove the service that I just recently installed.

Ok, fine, as a good Delphi guy, I went looking for that sexy graphic console (Service Manager) that will give me the all mighty power to delete the service, but, I hit a wall after realizing that such an option was disabled for me.

So, after googling a bit I found two nice options.

1. If you remember the exact name of the service (not the description), you can use the sc command:
C:\>sc delete "service name"

If you don't know it, then you can go straight to the registry, find your guy and delete it.


You indeed will need to restart the computer to see these changes fully reflected.

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Dariusz said...

Restarting Windows isn't always necessary after service removal. The thing is to ensure that service isn't running at the moment of removal ("sc delete" will try to stop the service, and if it fails to do that, then restart is needed). Regards!