Monday, November 28, 2005

Long nights of development...

Lately i have being a bit unplug from my blogging duties.

The reason, a big personal project i'm trying to pull out. Just for fun, let me extend a bit into it.

It is developed in WIN32 using DataSnap, Indy, the Quantum Express Grid and JVL/JVCL. No other component is allowed :) (well, i need some sound recording, so, im looking for some replacement to the MMTOOLS, if you guys know of any, please let me know).

My Datasnap modules on this occassion sit on Transactional Data Modules on MTS, using Free threading. My previous experiences with it have return amazing performance advantages of using connection and object pooling in coordination with a good load balancing and redundancy techniques thanx to the DataSnap built in load balancer.

Initially i tried to use a very good ntier framework called KbMw, but the learning curve and my short time to bring this project alive stopped me from doing it (once it is up and running i will try to port the project to it).

The Quantum Grid is just amazing, i haven't even scratch the surface of these components and i'm already shocked with the possibilities, if you guys have the budget, go and get them. They support VCL.Net and i'm waiting to see its Express bars working on VCL.Net too.

I still haven't decided what is going to be the web technology i will implement for the web front. ASP.Net? playing safe with nice ISAPI Dll's? or a cool combination of ISAPI DLL's and Ajax?

I need to implement some interfaces between different systems, and DCOM is not an option due to security restrictions among the products, my initial thoughts went to SOAP but recently i've being reading about REST and i think i will give it a shot. I want to thank Marco CantĂș on his blog for bringing some light to the topic.

I have to go for now, but, i will go deep into my experiences with all these later on.

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