Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Danny Thorpe left Borland.

In my opinion one of the smartest guys i have the honor to met, it was on a great developer's three day conference in Toronto where i got the pleasure to listen and share some time with the guy behind the latest improvements on the Delphi compiler.

After 15 years (some people say 20 :P) of working with Borland he is leaving for a new great adventure in Google, helping on the development of lots of new things related to FireFox. Before leaving, he gave the Delphi community a last gift, by helping to provide one of the strongest Delphi versions ever. Delphi 2006.

Borland, the Delphi team and the Delphi community for sure will miss him, i'm happy to know that for a couple of months now, new people is already taking his place. New minds working on the progress of the language, environment, etc that we love so much. In my opinion, the future looks very bright, we have a roadmap, we have a strong Delphi version and we have the chance of fresh ideas coming into Delphi.

Thanks Danny, you are 'Da Man. Enjoy your new venture and keep in touch with the community.


Bruce McGee said...

If there is enough interest, he'll be speaking in Toronto again next year.

Esteban Pacheco said...

Hi Bruce,

You don't need to ask twice about that.

As all the guys that worked there say "Once a Borlander, always a Borlander." I will love to hear how is his new adventure going.

If we mix that with some Delphi related stuff, it will be lethal.

Im in!

Bruce McGee said...

the Falafel conference will be a Delphi event, scheduled some time around the release of Highlander, so expect some Delphi content. :)