Monday, January 09, 2006

2005 is gone, welcome 2006!

Well, personally and professionally 2005 was a great year for me, i spent my Christmas in my beautiful and warm country, the perfect way to close a good year.

But now, it is 2006, and what better way to start the year than with the BEST DELPHI EVER, yes sir, i am right now installing the Man, the Mighty One, the only Delphi not bashed so far in the non-technical borland newsgroups... Mr. Delphi 2006.

So far so good, i'm installing right now my standard components: JVCL 3.10, SUISkin and ExpressGrid.

If all these guys come up right, then we are ready to move, yup, i'm not thinking twice, i'm going all the way, i'm migrating from Delphi 7. It is worth it and the feedback so far has been A+.

So, people, the time is now, Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 users, we have our safe spot is Delphi 2006.

Let the party begin.

Pst. It looks like i will have a lack of sleep this coming days. :)


mk said...

i found u once......i found u again.

Anonymous said...

I've been testing 15 years in different software for programming and development nothing compares to borland product specially delphi and cbuilder.

Dont give up delphi.

Give links to free downloads for old delphi versions.
For the incoming new versions of delphi, let the market test the new product.
Adjust Speed, accessibility and simpleness on the design.
Let Schools do the test specially for the students and they will know whats the best to use.

GOD speed delphi with borland products will rise again.

:) Never give up.