Thursday, January 13, 2005

New year, new development.

There is nothing like starting a new year, than starting with fresh mentality and FRESH SOFTWARE. Yup, SQL server formatted, and upgraded from 2000 to 2003 (finally). Application Servers to 2003, and my dev computer to XP with the IT terror service pack 2.

Delphi 5 in (aghh, dont tell me), Delphi 7 in (oh yeah!), Delphi 2005 in. (IT ROX!!)

Yup, we develop in the three of them, reason for not upgrading... components. Im stuck with a set of components in Delphi 5. Too expensive (thats what they say) to go for the 7 version at least.

New INDY components, version 10, (it actually gave me some trouble installing it on D5), and new Rave 6.

So far so good, final step will be to try to compile our code, fingers cross, as usual it should never work on the first run, else we are in trouble.


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