Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What i do...

Ok, basically, i deal with one of the people's favorite sins. Gambling.

I do Casino and Sports Book wagering software.

It's a very fascinating industry and i can tell you hundreds of adventure around this business... but oh well, i can post some other day about that.

In the meanwhile, today im fighting with some integration with our casino software, which works with win2000, as i mentioned before, my servers are in win2003, so its a good step to check compatibility and any other issues between these 2 guys and how com+ works from one to another.

So far so good... i will keep you posted.

Oh, if you have Rave 6 license, DONT install it on your D2005. I uninstall the Rave set that came on my D2005 (version 6) to upgrade to my registered version 6.2. Big mistake, newer version yes, but i lost my .Net reporting capabilities, reason?

Well, it seems that in the near future, whoever had a license over Rave 6, will need to upgrade to a new license to .Net, because we will be able to download only the Rave 6 upgrades intended to Win32 development, .Net will be some other issue ($$$).

Not totally sure about this, but looks like it.

k, bye!

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